Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bakuretsu Tenshi


Let me explain that cry. The main characters of Bakuretsu Tenshi are named Jo, Meg, Amy, and Sei. (What happened to Beth?) As a person who has the script version of Little Women memorized (sadly), That automatically means I can't take this manga seriously. However, if it was a manga fanfiction-y thing then that would be at least a little bit less odd. BUT the characters don't act like their cheesy, annoying classic literature counterparts. If I were to draw parallels between the Bakuretsu Tenshi characters and Little Women, then I would say that Jo acts like a combination of John and Mr. March, Meg acts like a slutty combination of Jo and Amy, Amy acts like Beth, and Sei acts like Meg. MOREOVER, it seems that Meg is in love with Jo and wants to sleep with her. I was already mentally scarred enough by working on the show of Little Women. Manga is making the mental scarring worse! It's creating new, stranger wounds! AAAAAHHH~

Anyway. Now for the actual plot of Bakuretsu Tenshi. It seems that Jo and Meg are on the run from the law. That is all I could gather halfway through the manga. I stopped reading it because it seemed to be going nowhere.

This manga makes my head spin. If they're going to steal characters from Little Women, why did they have to omit Aunt March? She was my favorite character! (Besides, the main characters need someone to yell at them.)

Anyway, I rate this manga 4 out of 10. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't work on the show of Little Women, but I doubt it.

I only read about 8 chapters of this, but considering that it's out of 16, I'd say that's the farthest I've gotten, relatively speaking, in a manga that I didn't finish.

I know that I still didn't read Blue Heaven, but I'll read it later. I am LAZY.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Damn, this was a messed-up manga...

It is 66 (technically 65, but there are two 64s) chapters of pure giant robot battles combined with moral issues.

There is no one main character to this manga. At all.

It starts with fifteen schoolchildren who decide to explore a cave. When they enter the cave, they are contracted into a 'game' of sorts, and told that they cannot back out. The next day, they discover a giant robot that they learn they must pilot and with a fight against another giant robot in order to save their world. Soon after, they discover that the pilot dies after the fight inevitably.

The fifteen characters are supposedly seventh-graders, but they're the most fucked up seventh graders I have ever seen. (I still remember seventh grade...)

But yes, there is not one truly good character in the whole of the entire manga (Rather like the graphic novel Watchmen).

While 66 chapters may seem like a lot, I read this within a few days.

I am going to rate this manga 7 out of 10 because it wasn't that enjoyable, but it was an interesting read, and I have definitely read worse manga. This one is very well-written, but it carries a huge unreal quality to it...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Break Blade

Before you comment - YES, I just realized that I skipped Bokurano, but Break Blade was only 11 chapters and I'm done with it so I'll go read Bokurano and then maybe Blue Heaven.

Anyway, Break Blade. As I said already, it's only 11 chapters long so far, but it updates irregularly and so that means there probably won't be another chapter for quite some time.

The premise is that all the world's machines are constructed from a special type of quartz, and what powers the quartz is 'magic'. Magic is in quotes because it is supposedly a special type of magic, that is to say, not as fantasy-like as we would think. (It seems to be more like Spiral Power to me(which will make sense if you've ever seen/read Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.)) The main character is one of few n the world who doesn't possess this 'magic,' so he can't operate machinery and lives a pretty hard life.

His friend(who also happens to be the king of some country that's in the middle of war) summons him and informs him of the existence of a golem(that's what the mecha in this manga are referred to(it confuses me because I always expect golems to be People Who Talk Like This)) that doesn't run on this 'magic'. As soon as Lygatto(the main character) boards this golem, the base where it is stored is attacked and Lygatto operates the golem in order to save his own life. He also learns that the war is against another of his childhood friends.

This story is very good so far, as well as pretty interesting, and while the mechas don't look like anything special, the story and the characters make it a pretty good manga. I rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Now I have to go read Bokurano. I'm sorry for overlooking you, Bokurano!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Blue Heaven is really hard to concentrate on because of its unique art style, and I don't want to just 'give it a chance' and then not read it fully because it does actually look promising, but I'll read it after a few of the other ones on The List. I'm postponing it because I'm lazy.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Bloody Monday Season 2

I just thought I'd add that so far Bloody Monday Season Two is quite good, though the main character does appear to suffer from 'Beginning of Second Season Main-Character-itis'. Yes, that is a long title for a disease, but it is fitting considering that sometimes the disease can last for a painfully long time.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monday Bloody Monday

I have finally finished the manga 'Bloody Monday'! Be proud of me. XD

How long: 96 chapters. There's also a season 2.

Bloody Monday is about a hacker named Takagi Fujimaru who accidentally discovers a video with footage of a massacre, many people all succumbing to a very unnatural, very gory and bloody virus(dubbed 'Bloody-X'). Then, with the help of his friends and the organization his father works for, he goes head-to-head against a terrorist organization in an attempt to stop the upcoming tragedy, 'Bloody Monday,' from occurring.

It is a very interesting and captivating manga which I highly recommend

I rate this manga 8.5 out of 10.

Now I must go read Season 2 and then start the next on my list, Blue Heaven.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sorry for the wait

Sorry for taking so long to finish Bloody Monday, but I am determined to finish reading Watchmen, and I'm worried that if I read manga before I finish it then I will open the book backward again...

I know, it's funny for me to be poasting this, considering how long it took me to finish Black Cat, and also because of the fact that absolutely nobody reads this, but whatever...

Anyway, as soon as I have finished Watchmen I will be reading Bloody Monday like a fiend again, so expect a review within the next week or so.